How ‘Jai Nepal’ became popular in Nepali Congress and Nepal Police?


Know the story of how the term ‘Jai Nepal’ was coined, and how it became popular in Nepali Congress as well as the Nepal Police.

“Jai Nepal” is a common greeting in Nepali Congress and Nepali police. Let us know in this article, how this phrase become popular in these organizations.

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Shukraj Shastri’s last words were ‘Jai Nepal’

The story of “Jai Nepal” dates back to the Rana regime’s revolt. Shukraraj Shastri and Dharmabhakta Mathema, who fought against the autocratic Rana regime, used this phrase as a greeting for the first time. When Shukraraj Shastri was sentenced to death and was about to be hanged from a tree in Teku, the Rana soldiers asked him, “What is your last wish?” to which Shastri simply replied, “Jai Nepal!” Even when they repeated the question, the answer was the same.

Since then, “Jai Nepal” became a symbol of patriotism and resistance, and a favored greeting of anyone against the autocratic regime.

‘Jai Nepal’ in Nepali Congress and Nepal Police

Nepali Congress was established during the rule of Ranas on February 12th, 1951. When it was born its major goal was to fight against the Ranas and free Nepal from their autocratic claws. The four martyrs killed by Ranas for their revelation were heroes for Nepali Congress. Thus, the last words of Shuraraj Shastri were proposed to be used as a greeting among their members. This term began very popularly among its members in a short period of time.

In 1944, the Nepali Congress formed a paramilitary organization called the “Mukti Sena” to fight against the Rana regime with arms. When the Rana regime finally ended in 1951, the Mukti Sena then was merged into the Nepali police, and thus, “Jai Nepal” became a very popular greeting in the police force too.

The phrase “Jai Nepal” is not specific to any particular group or organization, but is loved by all Nepalis as a symbol of love and respect for their country. It is a phrase that evokes feelings of patriotism, pride, and unity among Nepalis. “Jai Nepal” is a phrase that honors the sacrifices made by the martyrs and shows gratitude towards the motherland. It is a reminder that we should all strive for the betterment of our country and its people.


“Jaya Nepal Kina Sabaiko huna sakena” by Dirghabahadur Chand,

Gorkhapatra, 4th Asar 2079

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